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Announcement and Schedule


ORGANIZATION:          Triandria Chess Club (O.S.TRIA.)

VENUE:   Philippion Hotel  (**** Sheikh Sou Forest Park, Thessaloniki, 54001, Greece)


Accomodation to Philippion Hotel

O.S.TRIA Chess Club offers  26 euro per person to double room (full board)


For the arrival of athletes and escorts ,the bus of Hotel PHILIPPION will depart every morning at 09:30 a.m. and at 17:00 for evening rounds , from Egnatia & Aristotelous ( in front of Venizelos statue)

Only for the first round ( Tuesday 14/4) the departure will be done at 16:00 .

At the end of each round also there will be bus of the Hotel for transportation to city center at below hours :

18:30          21:00          23:00


PLAYING SYSTEM: 7 rounds Swiss evaluated both nationally and internationally. Applicable regulations FIDE.

The tournament will be conducted in two groups:

A Group: Players with ELO (international) > 1500

B Group: Players with ELO (international) < 1500

Players with ELO > 1400 can compete in the Group A, if they choose to do so.



Tuesday, APRIL 14 st round at 18:00
Wednesday, APRIL 15 nd round A' group at 18:00 - B' group at 10:30 am
Thursday, APRIL 16 rd round at 18:00
Friday, APRIL 17 th round at 18:00
Saturday, APRIL 18 th round at 10:30
Saturday, APRIL 18 th round at 18:00 only A' group
Sunday, APRIL 19 th round at 10:30
Sunday, APRIL 19 Closing ceremony at 14:30


TIME PLAY:  90 minutes per player for the entire game with a bonus of 30 sec/move.


  • Entry fee: Group A €20, Group B: €15.

(Second family member: €10. The third family member free).

  • FreePeople with Disabilities

  Male players with ELO over 2300.

  Female players with ELO over 2000.



Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the tournament amounts to 1.550 € as follows:

A Group Special categories A Group
First 600  First woman 100
Second 300  First younger <16   50 
Third 200  Performance minus rating 100 
Fourth 100 
Fifth   50 
Sixth   50 


Players in “ties” share the prize money according to the Hort system (up to 10 th place). If a player is entitled to more than one prize he will receive only the greatest one.

Tournament Director: Vasileios Betsakos

REFEREES: Giouvantsioudis Kostas, Katsifarakis Kon/nos, Palaskos Anthony, John Neroulidis.

ENTRIES: No later 12 APRIL

INFORMATION: E-mail address for the tournament: bbetsakos@hotmail.com.

GENERAL: For any issue not covered in this notice, jurisdiction is given by the “Tournament Directors”.


O.S.TRIA Chess Club

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