From 9th APRIL 2018 to 15th APRIL 2018



  1. ORGANIZERS: Triandria Chess Clubs (O.S.TRIA.&PAT), with the support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and in cooperation with the Union of Chess Clubs of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki.
  2. TOURNAMENT VENUE: Playing Hall at HELEXPO grounds, Pavilion 6.
  3. MODE: Swiss System, in two Groups national and FIDE-evaluated.

Α΄ Group: ELO > 1700 9 rounds

B΄ Group: ELO < 1700 8 rounds

If anyone with ELO below 1699 wishes to participate in Group A, he/she must pay the entry fees for both groups: 40+30=70 €.

Group A Group B
Round 1 Monday, April 9, 17.30
Round 2 Tuesday, April 10, 17.30 Round 1 Tuesday, April 10, 17.30
Round 3 Wednesday, April 11, 10.30 Round 2 Wednesday , April 11, 10.30
Round 4 Wednesday , April 11, 17.30 Round 3 Wednesday , April 11, 17.30
Round 5 Thursday, April 12, 17.30 Round 4 Thursday, April 12, 17.30
Round 6 Friday, April 13, 17.30 Round 5 Friday, April 13, 17.30
Round 7 Saturday, April 14, 10.30 Round 6 Saturday, April 14, 10.30
Round 8 Saturday, April 14, 17.30 Round 7 Saturday, April 14, 17.30
Round 9 Sunday, April 15, 10.30 Round 8 Sunday, April 15, 10.30
Closing Ceremony Sunday, April 15, 2018, starting at 14:30

Attention! Players who do not show up for their game up to half an hour (30’) after the official start of a round forfeit the right to participate.

  1. TIME CONTROL: 90 min for 40 moves + 15min + 30sec per move from the first move. It is obligatory to write down the moves during the entire game.

1) The result between players in the same point-group

2) Buchholz -1 (worst opponent)

3) Rating Performance

  1. EXCEPTIONS: Each player will have the right to take two exceptions. If one takes an exception until the 4th round, he/she wins ½ point. The decision to take an exception should be announced to the chief arbiter before the end of the previous round.
  2. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Vasileios Betsakos on the Boards of Triandria Chess Clubs.
  3. REGISTRATION: Registration confirmations until Friday 6 April 2018. Please Use the Registration Form page to register for our Tournament. You can also register by sending an email to bbetsakos@hotmail.com, stefoxe@gmail.com including the following information: Name and Surname, FIDE ID, Title, FIDE rating, Federation.
  4. CHIEF ARBITER: Gerontopoulos Prodromos
  5. ENTRY FEE (paid prior to the 1st Round):

Free – titled players (GM, WGM, IM, WIM) and players with ELO above 2300 (men), 2100 (women)
A΄ Group: 40 € B΄ Group: 30 €
If two members of the same family take part, there is a discount of 15€. The third or more members of the same family are entry free.


Group A prior to Monday April 9 from 15:00 to 16:00

Group B prior to Tuesday April 10 from 15:00 to 16:00


Total Prize Fund 3.000 €

Group A΄ PRIZES:
1st Winner: 1000 € and cup 1st ELO < 2000: 100 €
2nd Winner: 500 € and cup 1st ELO < 1800: 100 €
3rd Winner: 250 € and cup 1st Veteran > 60 years old: 50 €
4th–6th 3Χ100 € Best Performance : 50
7th -8th 2 x 50
1st Woman: 150 € and cup
  • Τhe GENERAL prizes will be shared by the Hort system (up to 8th place).
  • SPECIAL prizes will not be shared.
  • If a player wins two prizes, he/she receives the highest prize.
1st Winner : 200 and cup 1st Woman: 50 €
2nd Winner : 60 and cup 1st Veteran > 60 years old : 40
3rd Winner : 50 and cup

Special Categories:
Group A΄: U16, U14, U12, U10.

Group B΄: U14, U12, U10, U08, U06, Without ELO

The first three male players and the first three female ones receive medals only if there are at least 6 players in the special category.

  1. POSTPONING MATCHES: Postponing matches is not allowed.
  2. APPEALS: Protests should be submitted at least up to half (1/2) an hour after the end of the round, simultaneously depositing an amount of 50€. The appeals committee will consist of the tournament director, the chief arbiter and three players of the initial list (except those who engage in the protest). If the appeal is successful, the deposit will be refunded, otherwise it is banked for the event.
  3. ANTI CHEATING: The anti-cheating regulations will be implemented according to the Anti-Cheating Committee directives.
  4. HOSPITALITY: To be announced as soon as possible.

Official site: open.pat.gr

The Boards of Triandria Chess Clubs (O.S.TRIA. & PAT) are responsible for any issue not covered in this announcement.

The Boards of Triandria Chess Clubs

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